Frequently Asked Questions

A: We combine a family atmosphere with big company capabilities. Why not have the best of both worlds? A friendly, attentive staff available to immediately answer your questions 24/7, with the ability to deliver in a huge way. Our size enables up to react quickly to your request.

Invoices are issued on a weekly basis, we customize our billing options to meet your specific needs.

A: Your cargo is shipped only on trucks we own, with drivers on our payroll. Competing freight companies traditionally use a system of “freelance” owner-operators. We’ve invested in state of the art equipment and experienced, top-quality drivers, giving you the added accountability and quality control you deserve.

A: We use your system. We won’t force you into some difficult-to-understand proprietary tracking system. We can use more than one system throughout each phase in the shipping process; we can use yours and also send you updates using the SITA airline code, standard IMP messaging.